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About POW City Kinsmen

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The POW City Kinsmen club was formed in 1969 and chartered by the existing Saskatoon Kinsmen Club. The POW in our club name refers to a common nickname for Saskatoon in the late 1960's referring to the common industries surrounding Saskatoon at that time, Potash, Oil and Wheat. Throughout its history, the POW City Kinsmen membership levels have fluctuated from about 30 to 40 members.

POW City Kinsmen are highly involved with Telemiracle with members serving on the Telemiracle Foundation board and with several Telemiracle Chairmen from our membership in the past 10 years. Our general meetings occur on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from September to June.

The POW City Kinsmen do not have an official bird, but if they did it might have been the purple finch, whose color is actually crimson. As this seems out of place, it is actually here for a Kinsmen bulletin contest.

Besides Telemiracle, several other groups are helped annually by the POW City Kinsmen Club. Specifically, the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Kinsmen's national cause, Camp Tamarack and the Friendship Inn have all benefited recently from POW City Kinsmen involvement.

A number of POW City Kinsmen fundraisers have also taken place over the years. A Ferrari lotto, the POW City Kinsmen Christmas Tree lot, Alpha Lotto, bingo and Base-a-Rama projects have all been run by our club at different times to raise funds. Our most recent fundraising project is called Top of the Hops.

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