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Welcome to the POW City Kinsmen

Joining any Kinsmen club is an easy process. The process starts with attending a meeting. At the meeting you will meet members of the club, see how the meetings are run, and enjoy some fellowship both during and after the meeting. The POW City Kinsmen have dinner meetings every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, from September to June.

We recognize that meeting new people is not the easiest thing to do, and it takes some time to be able to put a face to a name. Our members wear name badges at our meetings so that you know who you are speaking to. Additionally, we meet our guests with a handshake, something that we do to each member who arrives at the meeting.

Many times a person wishing to join the POW City Kinsmen has someone who brings them out to a meeting, but if you would like to attend a meeting but do not know one of our members, just send an email to our membership director here.

There are some expectations of members of the POW City Kinsmen. First, regular attendance at meetings is expected. Secondly, we need the support of every member to work our club projects. Most importantly, you should be interested in helping our community and having fun while doing it.

So come on out to a meeting, we welcome any new members.

On a last note, for those searching for answers for the bulletin quiz, the 100 Years War lasted for 116 years.

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