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Top Shot Hockey

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Top Shot Hockey is a portable, electronic, interactive shooting game for use at team parties, events, tournaments and other events where crowds gather. Participants have a set number of shots to shoot out the 9 target areas in a timed fashion. Accuracy, rather than strength is the name of the game.

The Top Shot Hockey machine is particularly well enjoyed with groups who have an experience playing hockey. Both the very young and those past their playing days can enjoy the challenge of “shooting the lights out”.


Daily Rate (without manpower) $175
Daily Rate (with manpower supplied by the
POW City Kinsmen – 3 Kinsmen volunteers up to 4 hours) $350

Multi-day rates can be provided on request.

All prices include all applicable taxes.

All cheques should be made payable to the “POW City Kinsmen”.


The POW City Kinsmen Top Shot Hockey machine is supplied with all the necessary parts and supplies for operation. The machine is provided and carried in a small trailer with a 2” ball and flat four wiring harness, which may be towed utilized a Class 1 or greater hitch.

The enclosure is 24’ (l) x 12’ (w) x 9’ (h) with a minimum additional 10’ desirable for shooting room.

Two standard electrical plug ins (110-15 amp) outlets are required.

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